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  Statement on software piracy

Due to the cryptographic nature of our software, as a result of unauthorised tampering and/or reverse engineering, there is a high probability that illegally obtained or non authentic copies of SecureGSM™ software will not provide any encryption of your communications.

Users of SecureGSM™ software are advised not to use unofficial copies and are encouraged to verify the validity of their installed application using our Signature Verification Tool (SVT)* to ensure that the application is in fact an official SecureGSM™ product.

Please use the following checklist to ensure you have a qualified official SecureGSM™ product:

  • Only purchase SecureGSM™ software from the official SecureGSM™ website, directly from SecureGSM or an authorised SecureGSM™ distributor/reseller.
    (Authorised distributors/resellers will be published on the SecureGSM™ Website).
  • Use the Signature Verification Tool (SVT)* to ensure that your copy of SecureGSM™ software is an official product. The Signature Verification Tool (SVT) is always available for download from the official SecureGSM™ Website.
  • Beware of purchasing SecureGSM™ software bundled with a device. Only official distributors/resellers have the authority to do this. Due to the cryptographic nature of SecureGSM™ software and compliance with export restrictions, SecureGSM™ software licences are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. Purchasers of SecureGSM™ software cannot resell or redistribute the software licence as per the SecureGSM™ End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Please refer to the software End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for information regarding licensing and limitation of liability.

*Available for commercial products only.


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