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  Under the hood of SecureGSM™

SecuStream™ – The underlying technology.

At the heart of SecureGSM™ is our SecuStream technology – A revolution in today’s environment of secure transmission over various types of low bandwidth networks.
SecuStream Technology’s primary functions are to:

1. Secure the communication channel with previously unattainable Military Grade encryption (Voice, messaging, data).

2. Reduce bandwidth utilisation with it’s unique voice/messaging/data shaping engine.

SecuStream technology allows for chain based layered encryption, as well as a robust hardware-dependent random number generator which effectively raises the strength of any secured information, as the quality of encryption is highly dependent on the quality of the random number generator.

SecuStream Applications

SecuStream is a wide reaching base technology upon which a robust, reliable family of communications products can be rolled out in many variants of information technology.
We envisage that such implementations are applicable to environments where security is of paramount importance such as:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Trading and Exchange
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Licensing Distributions
  • Automated systems
  • Research & Development
  • Legal, Accounting and Medical
  • Large Enterprise & SME
  • Governmental, Security and Military applications
  • Many more where security of information is of concern

If you have a custom application requirement for the secure transmission of information, please contact us to discuss the many ways we can provide a solution based on the SecuStream™ technology.


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