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SecureGSM In-Confidence

In-Confidence  for iPhone and iPad is SecureGSM's next generation product designed to deliver our famous triple-layer encryption to Internet Telephony (Voice over IP - VoIP) communications.

In-Confidence  boasts an unparalleled level of security combined with state-of-the art, echo-free audio quality using superior quality audio engine components. But what sets In-Confidence apart from the competition is that it is the only dedicated multi-party conferencing product with triple layer encryption capabilities.

These unique features combine to make In-Confidence the most user-friendly encrypted telephony application with a no-compromise security model.

Application Features:

  • Unprecedented security, with intuitive user interface
  • SecureGSM’s famous triple cipher encryption module (true military grade security)
  • Crystal clear, echo-free voice calls
  • Speakerphone compatible
  • Point-to-point encrypted voice calls
  • Multi-party encrypted conferencing
  • Encrypted, verified messaging with full Unicode support
  • Integrated contacts manager with search functionality
  • Closed Group capabilities
  • Robust party verification procedures
  • Advanced program protection, designed to withstand penetration of code intruders and malicious reverse engineering

Triple cipher, cascade mode encryption engine including AES, Twofish and Serpent ciphers (3 x 256 bit)

Triple ECDH - Elliptic Curves Diffie-Hellman (3 x 571 bit)*

Telephony Service Features

  • Reliable Internet Telephony Service bundled together with In-Confidence applications
  • Strictly pass through service - no encryption/decryption at the switch

*571-bit ECDH is currently equivalent in security to 15,360-bit RSA/DH/DSA (based on table 1, RFC 5349 standard; Therefore, SecureGSM's triple ECDH is approximately equivalent to 3 x 15,360-bit = 46,080-bit RSA/DH/DSA.

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