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In-Confidence for iPhone and iPad

DialPad screen. You can dial any In‑Confidence Number (ICN) to make a call.

Identity Verification screen. This is used to verify parties and protect from the "Man-In-the-Middle" attack.

Current Call screen. This shows all call participants and other relevant in-call information. Messaging screen. All messages are encrypted and verified for delivery to all conference participants.
Call History screen. Users have the option of disabling call history for additional security. Call management screen. Speakerphone, Call Hold, Dialpad and Conference Participans all easily accessible.
Contacts screen and Contact Detail window. The menu allows easy access to essential operations.
Settings screen.

In iOS 7, make sure you use
"slide to answer" in lock screen.

"slide to unlock will NOT answer the call".

In other screens, tap on the banner
to answer a call.
In Privacy Settings, you must allow In–Confidence to use the microphone. Enable Badges, Sounds and Banners in Notification Center.
Enable use of Cellular Data to receive calls. Enable "Sounds", "Show in Notification Center" and "Show on Lock Screen"

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