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  Advanced Features

SecureGSM™ In-Confidence advanced feature set.

Voice Engine

  • Completely real-time full-duplex operation
  • Crystal clear, echo free voice calls powered by SpiritDSP’s award winning TeamSpirit® Voice Engine
  • Designed for true multi-party secure conferencing


  • Confirmation routines clearly identify sent, received and non-deliverable messages.
  • Integrity verification routines ensure that the received message is the same as the sent message.
  • At no time are you unsure of whether or not the other party has your message.
  • Convenient way to transmit passwords, numbers or any other information which may be problematic to understand by voice.
  • Where listening devices are suspected a whole conversation can be conducted using the messaging module.
  • Simultaneous secure voice and secure messaging.

Security and Encryption

  • SecureGSM™ In-Confidence features robust, triple cipher (3 x 256 bit), cascading encryption based on AES, Twofish and Serpent ciphers. Any one of these encryption algorithms is considered unbreakable by today’s standards and the triple layer ensures that encrypted data is future proof.
  • If any one of the encryption algorithms is broken, or found flawed in the future, it is not possible to obtain data to decrypt or compromise the remaining layers or chains.
  • Robust, high performance, asymmetric key generation engine. Private and public keys are generated per session and subsequently destroyed (unrecoverable) upon termination of call.
  • Calling party identity verification procedures as protection from “man in the middle” attack and comprehensive procedures to ensure keys or foreign data have not been injected or substituted by a third party.
  • Triple ECDH - Elliptic Curves Diffie-Hellman (3 x 571 bit)* Public Key Infrastructure.
  • Unique Party Authentication Module.

Party Authentication Module

  • Truly international, language independent Party Authentication Module to protect against a Man in the Middle attack.
  • Graphic style interface to help ensure, together with voice authentication, you are in fact connected to your intended party.
  • Visual secure Digest function representation: SHA-256 algorithm.

Code Protection

  • Advanced program code protection, designed to withstand penetration of code intruders and malicious reverse engineering. SecureGSM SenTnel™ integrity verification module and SecureGSM Signature Verification Tool (SVT) designed to ensure that your product is a genuine SecureGSM Security Product.

*571-bit ECDH is currently equivalent in security to 15,360-bit RSA/DH/DSA (based on table 1, RFC 5349 standard; Therefore, SecureGSM's triple ECDH is approximately equivalent to 3 x 15,360-bit = 46,080-bit RSA/DH/DSA.

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