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SecureGSM™ Evaluation Update August 2005!

MELBOURNE , AUSTRALIA August 1, 2005. Following the initial release of SecureGSM™ Evaluation in July 2005, SecureGSM is pleased to announce the immediate availability of SecureGSM™ Evaluation August revision for Windows Mobile communicators.

With the August 2005 release of SecureGSM™ Evaluation, several new features have been added to the Evaluation product initially reserved for the commercial version of SecureGSM™ Pro.

“Due to valuable user feedback, we have decided to include the enhanced functionality in SecureGSM™ Evaluation to enable our customers to better test and evaluate the SecureGSM™ application” said Alexander Moloksher, General Manager, SecureGSM.

The August 2005 revision of SecureGSM™ Evaluation features the following additions:

Advanced Audio Control
Advanced Audio Control is a unique real-time audio optimisation functionality built into SecureGSM™ to enable users easy access to the in-call audio settings within SecureGSM™. Advanced Audio Control allows users to fine tune in-call audio quality and features increased comfort with an intuitive user interface and “stylus free” operation.

Enhanced in-call volume control

The enhanced volume control features high resolution in-call volume control for optimal performance and effective fine-tuning. This allows much higher precision in setting volume levels as compared to standard operating system functionality.

Enhanced in-call microphone sensitivity control

The enhanced microphone control allows wider compatibility with a broader range of devices and improved operation with the echo control functionality.

Enhanced echo suppression routines and broader compatibility for echo control

The echo suppression routines have been optimised for better results on a broader range of devices.

Per-device default in-call audio settings

The majority of devices are now auto-detected during installation and the optimal settings are set based on the device.

“This an exciting time for SecureGSM” added Mr. Moloksher, “with overwhelming interest and feedback regarding SecureGSM™ Evaluation, we are sure the pending release of SecureGSM™ Pro is set to revolutionise the crypto phone market.”

More information is available at the SecureGSM web site:

About SecureGSM

SecureGSM is dedicated to providing secure communication solutions for the broader global community. Our revolutionary SecuStream™ technology is the basis for our first secure application which is SecureGSM™. The future will entail a rollout of applications to satisfy business, government and consumer markets, based on the SecuStream™ technology.

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