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SecureGSM to support latest HTC handsets – Touch Dual, Touch Cruise, S730, TyTN II, P6500.

Melbourne, Australia. June 2008. SecureGSM, a global leader in the GSM voice encryption market, is pleased to announce that its flagship voice and messaging encryption products will be immediately available with the latest released handsets from HTC Corporation.

New, updated versions of SecureGSM encryption products are now available from SecureGSM and SecureGSM’s network of Business Partners together with HTC’s TyTN II, Touch Cruise, Touch Dual, S730 and P6500 handsets. Preliminary support for the highly anticipated HTC Touch Diamond is also featured in this latest product update.

“We are proud and excited to be the only manufacturer of real-time GSM encrypted voice products to offer availability on HTC’s latest and extremely popular products” said Alexander Moloksher, SecureGSM’s General Manager and Technical Director. “No other GSM encryption vendors can offer products which are compatible with HTC’s new generation 3G handsets. Notable examples include HTC Kaiser, Polaris, Niki, Wings and Sedna.” he added.

These new handsets are now available for purchase directly from SecureGSM and from SecureGSM’s global Business Partner network. A list of SecureGSM Business Partners is available at the SecureGSM Web site.

“It is one of SecureGSM’s core values to provide the broadest choice in handsets for our customers. With HTC being the largest and most respected manufacturer of Windows Mobile phones, we are delighted to be able to offer the world’s most desirable Windows Mobile phones, together with best-of-breed voice encryption solutions.” said Roman Korolik, Managing director.

Those interested in exploring the opportunity of representing SecureGSM in their geographical locations are encouraged to contact SecureGSM.

More information about SecureGSM products is available at the official SecureGSM Web site,

About SecureGSM

SecureGSM is dedicated to providing secure communication solutions for the broader global community. Our revolutionary SecuStream™ technology is the basis upon which our secure communications applications are built. The future will entail a rollout of applications to satisfy business, government and consumer markets, based on the SecuStream™ technology.

More information about SecureGSM is available at


About HTC

High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) designs, manufactures and markets innovative, feature rich Smartphone and PDA Phone devices.

Since its establishment in 1997, HTC has developed and pioneered many new designs and product innovations, and launched state-of-the-art handsets for mobile operators and distributors worldwide.

HTC’s products are available under the HTC brand as well as branded and customised for the world’s leading operators and device partners. These include technology leaders and network operators such as HP, Palm, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2, I-Mate, Cingular and Dopod.

More information about HTC is available at



Roman Korolik, Managing Director, SecureGSM:

Phone: +613 9510 4955 (AEST 09:00 - 17:00 | UTC/GMT+10, Monday to Friday)



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